Trendz Douglas

Bring some heritage into your home.  The traditional look of the Douglas is warm and inviting, relaxing your guests in no time.  Impress your friends with freshly roasted delicacies served straight from the fire.

Dimensions 2600h x 1390w x 650d

Weight 1350kg

Material Lightweight fibre reinforced concrete


1x Prefabricated Douglas concrete shell (1200kg)
1x 6mm steel firebox (100kg)
1x Stainless steel cooking grill (5kg)


Why allow entertaining outdoors to be limited only to Summer evenings? A Trendz Outdoor Fire allows you to keep warm and cook outside even on a cool night. Your guests not only enjoy the warmth of an open fire, but the atmosphere and ambience it creates. Whatever your landscape design, a Trendz Outdoor fire will blend in and create a focal point.

The traditional style built-in fireplace setting creates an element of intimacy and focus to an open space to compliment your outdoor area.


Through extensive research, and years of experience, Trendz has identified the key three mistakes made with Outdoor Fireplaces:

  • Using materials that cannot handle high heats. Consequently the fireplace cracks and looks terrible.
  • A badly designed firebox. Whilst it appears simple, it is very difficult to have a firebox design that will draw well, and throw out the heat. Working with the concrete structure.
  • Have the fireplace too high. We all know that heat rises, so if the fireplace is too high, you won’t feel any heat.