Ravelli Sara


Ravelli Sara

The Ravelli Sara is an Italian-designed insert model pellet fire. Compact and efficient, it slides out of the wall easily for refueling and takes up no floor space. It fits well into a home that is being upgraded. Its output will warm a smaller-sized family home with up to three bedrooms.

  • Insert model
  • Finished in black painted steel
  • Steel baffle
  • Fire-resistant steel burn-pot
  • Glass-ceramic door, heat resistant up to 750°C
  • Remote controls
  • Timer thermostat
  • Centrifugal fan heating
  • Double safety system
  • A pellet fire will use approximately 50 to 75 twenty-kilo bags of pellet fuel a year (1 to 1½ tonnes) to
  • heat an average-sized family home.
  • Costs will vary depending on location and the severity of the winter.
  • Nature’s Flame pellet fuel:
    – Is made from 100% New Zealand-grown pine
    – Is available nationwide
    – Is easy to store
    – Is dry, light, clean handling and pleasant smelling costs less than electricity or gas for equivalent heat output
    – Is made from waste wood creates low emissions and minimal ash residue