Firenzo Vision Logbox


Firenzo Vision Logbox

Introducing the Firenzo Vision Logbox: another step forward in heating technology.

The same fire, but this time on a handy logbox. Not only does this act as a place to store your wood for the evening, but it allows you to use an Ash hearth only, saving you money by not needing to install an insulated hearth.

An attractive, mid-sized wood-burning stove with an appealing flame picture, great heat output and a handy cook top. Super-efficient, clean-burning performance driven by Firenzo’s innovative four-way air combustion system. It features a cast iron top and door and a fully refractory-lined fire box. No additional room ventilation required.

This fire can be installed on properties of less than 2 hectares of land and meets with ECan standards its emissions of 0.3g per kg of fuel burned and 66% efficiency, tested under AS/NZS 4012 and 4013: 2014, meets Environment Canterbury standards.